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i'm a designer & a dreamer!

Ohai thar, strangar! Fancy meeting you here. :D But if you think you've mistakenly stumbled upon this journal, let me acquaint you to it. *ahem*

Welcome ICE_CUBED@LiveJournal, my/dammitliv's very humble graphic journal. :D It's been around since February 2006 and has been the home of much of my creative mishaps like icons, banners, headers, wallpapers, etc. I also do textures and brushes and from time to time, I try my hand on making tutorials. :3 I've also won myself a few awards on some icontests and if you're interested, you can find them all here.

Stopped by the right journal? Then hurray! Now go on and enjoy yourself. ♥

[o] Comment and Credit when taking (though the more important word there would be 'credit') -- it's not that I want glory (though seeing my name on the comments fuzzies me up :3), but crediting is a way of directing users to this journal so it's more for traffic and convenience than anything else XD

[o] Don't claim these graphics as yours; I am quite possessive of them!

[o] When crediting, I'd really like it if you please credit ice_cubed and not my personal journal. It just seems a little "cleaner" that way, right? :D

[o] Absolutely no hotlinking. I created a sole Photobucket account for my icons but even Photobucket has its limits!

I also accept graphic requests so just send in the specifics...however way you want it. XD Comments might work best, though! The more details, the better, too. I'm asking this for your and my convenience. ♥

While these graphics are all made by me, the pictures/based I used are not unless otherwise stated. Most of them would come from communities I belong to (dammitliv's userinfo will have the list), members of them or if not, I might have found them via Google, other blogs and other websites. I give credits as much as I can when they are asked/required and do my best to follow the content owner's copyright policy.

For a list of my graphic resources, please click here.

Profile layout was also created by yours truly. ♥

Yey, new friends! :DDD If you'd like to become an affiliate, please leave a comment in the latest entry. ♥ For now, here's who I have:

avaruusvirta;; boomyaka;; dammitliz;; flightworks;; fusion_bomb;; joyce_graphics;; konpeki_no_umi;; ladydreamers;; lilacwine7;; lostfaithdesign;; redtshirt;; secret_alliance;; thedarksunday;; earthborn@gj;; pink_arts;; stillshots

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